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Dental Awareness and Dental Care In Dogs has been on the rise.

We at Dental For Dogs want to be on the front line of this, and watch where the market is heading.

According to a recent study by Research and Markets,

“Veterinarians indicated that the majority of the pets they see have dental problems. But the vast majority of pet owners consider their pets’ dental status as “normal,” and less than 30% recognized any potential teeth and gum problems. That said, 80 percent of dogs owners and more than 50 percent of cat owners purchased dental health products in the past year – mostly treats. About 20 percent of dog owners and 10 percent of cat owner had their pet’s teeth cleaned professionally by a veterinarian.”

Source: US Pet Dental Market – Research and Markets

In the past we’ve talked about some of the dangers with dental treats. Always remember to see what’s inside the treats you feed your pet.

A misconception we hear people giving up on raw hides and regular bones, saying that these things are bad for dogs stomachs.

Everything in moderation.

Natural chewing on hard objects can “rub off” plaque and tarter build up from teeth.

Chewing keeps gums strong and healthy and it’s a natural process in dogs going back a long time. We’re excited to watch as everyone keeps on their pet’s dental hygiene but don’t go overboard and forget the basics from an early age.

Starting a dental regimen at home is the best preventive measure you can take just ask our little new neighbor Tessa (we’ll be sure to post more pictures and keep an eye on her baby teeth!




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