New Products Claim To Offer Better Solutions Than Brushing

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Here at Dental For Dogs we have been talking about the increased awareness of dental care in pets for a little while now and today more than ever, according to petproductnews, education about dental products are being launched in the retail space which go beyond toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Store owners are selling innovative solutions to pet owners, who are more aware than ever about the effects of periodontal diseases in dogs.

Products ranging from foams, wipes, sprays, and dental chews are all being exposed as “better and easier solutions.”

Even though these alternatives claim to be easier when caring for your dog’s dental health, it’s always important to be concerned with the ingredients in dental care products.

A growing range of dental products offers opportunities for sales growth.

Source: Brighter, Whiter, Fresher: Dental Products

As we continue to see new products and interests in dental health space emerge, watch what’s most important; the lasting and long term effects of using dental care products that are not a toothbrush or dog approved toothpaste.

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