Milk & Dairy Products For Dogs

April 2nd, 2015 No Comments

yorkshire_licking_cereal_bowlWe found a great article over at the food adviser (see pictures and link below). It seems that lactose (like in humans) will determine whether your dog can digest milk and dairy products.

Most dogs are lactose intolerant so it’s not a good idea to give them high amounts of dairy.

Dogs have a hard time producing lactase which is the enzyme needed to break down lactose into easy to absorb sugars. Without this, a dog cannot digest dairy products.

Symptoms of lactose intolerance could include gas, or soft poops after having milk so watch to see how your dog reacts if you give them any dairy.

All in all milk or dairy is not toxic but the less lactose the better.

Source: Milk and Dairy Products – Are They Safe for Your Dog?

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