How Many Teeth Does An Adult Dog Have

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A fully grown adult dog has 42 teeth.
This consists of 12 incisors, 4 canines teeth,
16 premolars and 10 molars. A young puppy
will have 28 ( deciduous ) baby teeth.

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Source: Kids Corner Fun Facts-Feb | Veterinarians in Dracut, MA | Wignall Animal Hospital

After the age of 3 years, most dogs are diagnosed with common dental problems. Almost all the veterinarians advise to brush your pet’s teeth after the age of 1.

A common mistake is assuming that your dog drools a lot. Drooling may be one of the first signs that bacteria is starting to form around the gums.

Let’s have a look at few canine teeth problems along with common solutions!

Plaque: If you have noticed a light film of food debris or some yellow colored material on the canine teeth, it can be a sign of plaque accumulation. If you are not brushing your dog’s teeth on regular basis, this problem occurs commonly. The best way to fix this is to brush to prevent the accumulation of plaque.

Tartar: It is essential to remove the plaque in the canine teeth as early as possible because plaque may create dental calculus which is called tartar. It becomes more rigid after getting mixed with dog’s saliva. Make sure to use a good quality dog approved toothbrush for your dog to cope with this problem.

Gingivitis: Redness, irritation and inflammation in the gums is a condition called gingivitis. It can also be referred as gum infection and it is always better to consult the veterinarian to deal with such a problem.

Toothache: There could be many reasons behind the toothache among dogs and if your dog is experiencing this, there are few signs to identify. You can easily recognize toothaches by noticing the behavior such as too much chewing, less or no eating. If you think the dog is having toothache, make sure to soften the food in warm water so that he can chew easily. You can also massage with damp cloth to offer some relief.

Bad breath: Usually, most dogs do not have good smelling breath but if you noticed something really offensive, you need to be serious about giving him good quality food, regular brushing and toys.

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